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Tornados Annual Hockey Awards

By Isobel Lyall

Annual Awards

Hi Tornados!!

With only 3 more sleeps until the infamous annual ball we have to take a moment out of our day to look back on the year so far...
For some of you, you are in the middle of your league season! Heading out every weekend to Sengkang to sweat it out against an opposition which may or may not leave you with a smile on your dial after the match... Nothing that a pint can't fix...
For others (Ladies) you are dropping into Delta for an hour fix of running around and having a laugh with our social Liga season in full swing.
For our Men's higher leagues you are recuperating from a season done and dusted. Either taking time out to come back better and harder or you are still turning up weekly to training with the fire still burning bright for some hockey action.

And for others again, the true hero's of the club, they are busy filling up all their extra times with meetings, spreadsheets, WhatsApp threads, phone-calls, emails, attending games they don't play, managing teams, welcoming new members... (you get the point).. and all so that Tornados Hockey Club continues to function and operate. The time-consuming efforts these people put into our club without protest and with such an awesome happy demeanor is what ensures that 1) you have a game to go to 2) that we all CAN train 3) we have met friends, made contacts and joined (most importantly) a family.

This big (mostly happy) Tornados Hockey family gets together annually, for the Ball, to not only "get on it" and have a fantastic time but also to recognise our clubs own legends and to acknowledge and thank them for being marvellous, therefore, I would really appreciate if everyone can take a moment to cast a vote for any of these worthy nominated 'Heros' as a way of saying thank-you to all those that are behind the scenes making YOUR club possible.


Jerry Singh is a founding member of the Tornados Hockey Club. This award is for the best male or female, who has devoted their time and efforts to the Tornados Hockey Club over a number of years with the same generous and altruistic attitude that Jerry did in founding the club. The highest award to be bestowed by the Tornados Hockey Club.


Jonathon Stokes - Jono has been a blessing to the club, when he took the reins of treasurer in 2013 he promised he would leave Tornados in a better position than when he came in. No-one thought he would ever leave, but he did, and he made good on his promise. His contribution has been exceptional with an unrelenting club spirit, a never missed social, his ability to bring everyone together for a great time is irreplaceable.

Isobel Lyall - ¡Viva el presidente! Izzy, as most know her, does the things you know about and twice more that you don't. A passionate lover of hockey, she always strives for everyone's best interests. A dedicated and loyal Tornados member she has in her 4 years in Singapore spent more time at Sengkang, Delta or Evans meeting, greeting, chatting, drinking, watching and helping than is probably sane. Always willing to do what others won't.

Lawrence Coelho - Law is the guy that jumpstarts all the cogs that spin to keep hockey going for Tornados. Liaising with SHF, the coaches, the captains and the committee to ensure we all get a game while making sure all the t's are crossed and i's dotted. A dependable man that never requires recognition while always going out of his away above and beyond for the club.

Stevan Kottritsch - The most loyal and passionate longstanding member of Tornados. Always there to offer a helping hand or a hearty laugh, Kotter's is a well known fixture in the club and always the first to offer his time, connections or a beer. A life time member!

David Coldrey - An unsung social Patron of Tornados! For those who aren't in the 4's men team you might not have met this man, but he has unselfishly been there for 4-5 years being a constant support to the club. He has stepped up to help out, attending all the men's 4s games without ever intending to step on the pitch himself. A fantastic manager who ensures the organisation of match day; supplying the match kit, match ball, ice and whatever advice is needed.

Ruthie Burr - Our pocket rocket. If she had 3 hands she would want 4 to put up. Always involved! A member of the committee for consecutive years helping out firstly as General secretary and then filling the gap of a membership secretary. A large component of the ball committee for many years and a friendly face at all events usually hauling kits, inventory or forms in large quantities to keep us all in order.

Nathan Harwood - The busiest man you will ever meet that will give you more time than he has. A gentleman that is so unselfishly devoted to the club, who always delivers, and has been instrumental as the Mens captain this year. From organising captains, to keeping everyone up to date, to the, yet to held grand Vietnam Tour, Nathan gets involved and encourages everyone else along with him.No task is too small or too big for him to take on and his contribution has become extremely noticeable and gratefully received.

NB: The nominees are in no particular order.

This award is to recognise a member of the club who puts back into the club what they got out of it. Someone who embodies the spirit of Tornados through social, positive and friendly interactions with ALL other members. Tornados prides itself on its welcoming disposition and this award is to thank the winner for their fantastic mentality and individuality that contributes so much to the essence of our club.


Natalia Porporato - Our favorite Argentinian! This girl injects her bright and bubbly personality into everything. Keen as a bean and our amazing Social secretary, Natalia is the embodiment of this award. A positive vibe flows from her at every game and event she plans. Always welcoming and positive she gets every member involved whenever she can. A Tornado super star, she shines brightly.

Brad Mearns - A long time injury hasn't sidelined Brad from Tornados. A long time member of Tornados, Brad has seen and been it all. A decade of coaching, socialising and playing has made him a fixture for Tornados. Brad has tirelessly and with little appreciation given up his time over and over again. He coached ladies 2's, cheered on every grade of hockey, attended the vast majority of events, served on the committee and this is after he played for years with the 1's and then 2's. In his biggest sacrifice to the club, he has handled every tantrum, every disaster and has been the best mediator as the number one advisor to the president of the club for years! A deserving choice for his efforts.

Chris Laxton - Have you heard the saying, "getting Laxtoned"? This guy is definitely a personality. A 'YES MAN' that literally never turns you down. He has stepped up for Tornados in every department. Committee - Yes, Coaching - Yes, Can you.. - Yes. Laxton is always down for a chat, a beer, a hit around on the pitch and has been a great addition to Tornados. Laxton contributes everything he has to the club and continues to take on tasks grander in nature every month.

Andrew Ferguson - Ferg or Andy jumped into Tornados with very little prompting. A Boat party organised here a ball organised over there, this guy can't help but bring his energy and enthusiasm to every event and game he attends. Always a warm greeting and a fantastic smile that brightens everyone's day.

Patrick Thompson - A proper funny kiwi lad off the pitch and a true leader on our toughest pitch. Paddy has an infectious enthusiasm and spirit that Tornados loves. His ability to get people involved and his competitive demeanor made him an excellent choice for Mens 1 XI captain. Always helpful and getting things done for the club with his no fuss attitude makes him a delight to work with.

Michelle Turvey - A go getter that's hard to keep up with! Michelle carries extra energy and pep for everyone. A kind word of encouragement on the field, a jolly laugh with a beer off the pitch and an always happy, inviting personality keeps everyone who knows her grinning from ear to ear. Michelle singlehandedly has kept monday fitness running all year, always with an encouraging word and never any judgement despite her being able to lap you multiple times. Her love for fun saw Tornados have one of the best boat partys yet this year and she is always quick to offer a helping hand.

Pete Mitchell - 110% percent. That's what Pete gives to everything. Pete gets the job done and in a friendly and approachable manner. He can be credited for building the most inclusive and sociable Men's 4's team yet with a huge amount of commitment on a weekly basis both on and off the pitch. His ability to recruit literally anyone he meets is testament to his nature and spirit for Tornados Hockey club.

NB: The nominees are in no particular order.

With so many people, so deserving of your votes I will ask that you pick two nominees for each award by selecting them in the following poll. Please ensure you click 'vote' on each award to make your vote count. Your votes are anonymous, however you can only vote once! Choose wisely and if you see these people anytime in the future, please say thankyou... they do so much for our club!


Till we party on looking like Kings and Queens,
Roger Rhino. xxx

Updated 11:45 - 8 Jan 2019 by Isobel Lyall


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